Happy Birthday Sweet Boy

I’d be lying if I said today has been easy. I’ve always done my best to find the good in the things that happen in our lives. But today I’m struggling. Let’s be honest…today I’m a hot mess. Today I know that’s it’s okay to not be okay. I miss this precious little baby more than I could ever be able to express and wish with every fibre of my being that he was here with us. I know he is in a better place…I know he is with those that love him…but I sure do wish he was with us, in our arms. I love you so much Quinn. I am so extremely grateful that you chose me to be your mom, us to be your family. And even though the pain is unbearable some days, I would do it all over in a heartbeat, just to know that you are our precious son FOREVER and one day we will get to hold you in our arms again. Your brothers and sister miss you so much too. They talk about you all the time. Tavyn always asks if we can go see you and says he wants to give you a big hug. You are so very loved and missed. I hope your grandma is making your day extra special for you today…and let her know that I need her arm around me extra tight today. Happy Birthday sweet boy.

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